April 20, 2005

a very British insurgency: More education, another rant...

A rant on the state of the state education system bya very British insurgency, and the weird lefty view of it. What the lefties seem to singally ignore is that since the replacement of the Grammer Schools with Comprehensives the levels of social mobility dropped dramatically.

People have different abilities. Wagne Rooney will never hold a mathematics Chair at Cambridge, and likewise Steven Hawking will never play football for England. Both have gifts in their chosen fields, but trying to get them to the same standard in each others field is simply pointless. That is the problem with the comprehesive idea it assumes that everybody is the same, which is false. So it has to either go at the speed of the people with most difficulty in a subject, therefore leaving the people with more bored. Or challenge the people with more ability in any area so alienating the people who need more help as they continually seem to fail even if trying as hard as they can.


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